Men's Size Chart
Chest (Inches)34-3736-3938-4140-4342-4544-4847-52
Chest (Cms)86-9491-9996-104101-109106-114111-122119-132
Height (Inches)58"- 63"61"- 66"64"- 69"67"- 72"70"- 75"72"- 76"72"- 77"
Extra Big Sizes
Chest (Inches)505254565860 
Chest (Cms)127132.1137.2142.2147.3152.4 

From overshirts to fitted ones. From hunting jackets to fishing vests. Kakadu makes products for many different functions so it would be hard to have a single size chart for all garments. The above size chart is based on actual body measurements and will help you determine which Kakadu size will best fit you.

Pants & Chap's Sizing Chart
Thigh18.5 inch thigh20 1/2 thigh
26-38 waist
22.5" thigh
28-38 waist
23" thigh
32-40 waist
24.5" thigh
26.5" thigh
34-44 waist
28.5" thigh
32-46 waist

Measurements for the chaps are better made by using your THIGH SIZE. The Kakadu Chaps are designed to fit over your existing pants. PLEASE MEASURE ACCORDINGLY. ( If you are in between thigh sizes, we suggest going to the next size up rather than the next size down.)
These are made long, and leg length will get longer as you go up in size. These are ok to be cut off if need be.

Women's Size Chart

Please note that this conversion chart only applies to products in the Kakadu Women's range. See the Men's size chart above to determine sizing for most other garments in the Kakadu range.

Hats and Caps Size Chart
Inches21 1/2 - 21 7/822 1/4 - 22 5/823 - 23 1/223 7/8 - 24 1/424 5/8 - 25
Cms54.5 - 55.556.5 - 57.558.5 - 59.560.5 - 61.5 62.5 - 63.5
 6 7/8 - 77 1/8 - 7 1/47 3/8 - 7 1/27 5/8 - 7 3/4  

Determining your hat size is easy. Just use a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of your head, slightly above the ears.
Hat sizes may vary slightly depending on the fabrication. Hats made from thicker leathers usually run smaller and hats made from thinner leathers tend to run larger.