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Chin straps, known in cattle country as stampede strings, ensure against loss of your hat in wind or brush. Most of the Akubras we offer have chin strap hooks set inside the crown. The Banjo Paterson, The Overlander, Lawson, Lightning Ridge, Adventurer, Casual and Sydney we carry do not have chin strap hooks. If you did not purchase your Akubra from us, you will have to check to see if it has chin strap hooks inside the crown. The chin strap hooks are put on the Akubra hats especially for us, and many Akubra's available elsewhere do not have the hooks. Instructions for attaching a chin strap to a hat without hooks are given below.

Please follow these steps to attach a chin strap.

1. Locate the general position of the chin strap hooks from the grommet on either side. Chin strap grommet on outside of hat
2. Locate the small opening between the crown and sweatband, indicated here by the Akubra tag. Small opening between the crown and sweatband
3. Slip the flat end of the chin strap through the opening. Slip flat end of chin strap through the opening
4. Slip the chin strap onto the chin strap hook. Slip chin strap onto chin strap hook
5. Make sure the chin strap is flat against the crown. Make sure chin strap is flat against crown
6. Tuck the lining back under the sweatband. Tuck lining back under sweatband


The best way to attach a chin strap to a hat without hooks is by sewing small shirt buttons to the inside of the crown about 3/4 to 1-1/4 inches above the brim (making sure the stitching will be hidden by the hat band). A space must be made so the end of the chin strap may be slipped through between the leather sweatband and the crown and then put over the button. In order to make this space the stitching that holds the leather to the crown must first be bar-tacked or oversewn on each side of the space needed (to hold the stitching) and then the stitches in the space can be cut.

This sketch shows how to attach a chin strap to a hat without chin strap hooks.