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The Pro 30X Beaver Akubra has recently developed a beaver fur felt, with the Pro 30X being the first style offered. Beaver is hard to source, due to worldwide quotas, but produces one of the smoothest, most resilient felt hats in the world. The 30% beaver fur content and the Pro Rodeo brim give this fine hat its name. The pre-creased crown has a center crease with two side dents, known in the American West as a cattleman’s crease. The crown is 4-3/4 inches in the front and back and rises to 5-1/2 inches in the center. The Pro Rodeo raw edge brim is 3-3/4 inches wide, curled at the sides. The reeded roan leather sweatband is the same as those used in Akubra’s Heritage Collection, tanned from selected sheepskins for an exceptional quality, and cut wider than normal for greater comfort. Ornamental band. Fully lined, no chin strap hooks. UPF rating 50+. 30% beaver, 70% premium quality rabbit fur felt. Made in Australia.


The Pro 30X Beaver Hat
The Sand Pro 30X Beaver Hat
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The Sand Pro 30X Beaver Hat The Black Pro 30X Beaver Hat
From left to right...Sand & Black


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