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The Traveller Hat

The Traveller is the Akubra to accompany you on your travels. It is the no-worries hat -- put it in your bag or briefcase, or in the overhead bin in the airplane. It is made in Akubra's new Pliofelt, a pliable pure fur felt. The crown is 4-3/8 inches high, the welted brim with memory insert 3" wide. The 5/16 inch ornamental band has a brass buckle. The crown is unlined with a fabric band to allow the hat to be packed. There are hooks set inside for easy attachment of a chin strap. The Traveller conforms readily to your head shape on the first wearing. UPF rating 50+. Made in Australia.

The Akubra Traveller Hat
The Fawn Traveller Hat
Please click on image to enlarge

The Black Traveller Hat The Heritage Fawn Traveller Hat
From left to right...Black & Heritage Fawn


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