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Pilbara Hat

The Pilbara has a high crown and wide brim to give outstanding protection from the sun. The raw-edge brim is 35/8 inches wide and the precreased crown is 43/4 inches high at the front, 51/4 inches high at the sides, eyeletted and fully lined. The pure fur felt is Akubra's Imperial Quality. The attached ornamental band has bronze fittings. The band may be removed if you wish to replace it with a hand braided kangaroo or horse hair band. There are chin strap hooks set inside the crown for easy attachment of a chin strap. Reeded roan leather sweatband. Made in Australia.

The Akubra Pilbara Hat
The Black Pilbara Hat
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The Black Pilbara Hat The Fawn Pilbara Hat
From left to right...Black & Fawn



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