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Aussie Slouch Hat

The Aussie Slouch Hat, one side turned up against the crown, has gained worldwide recognition. Akubra has made these hats for the Australian Army for over ninety years. Proven in the toughest of desert and jungle conditions by Australia's fighting men, the Slouch Hat enjoys an unequaled reputation for rugged quality. The dash and vigor of the Aussie Slouch Hat is appreciated by both men and women who enjoy the outdoors. Worn with the distinctive puggaree, or custom trimmed with a braided kangaroo band, it retains the characteristic jaunty air of assurance. The Aussie Slouch by Akubra is the authentic full-quality military hat, pure fur felt, Superfine Quality, brass clip and loop to hold the brim, complete with puggaree and chin strap. The color is regulation British Khaki. The brim is 3 1/2 inches wide, bound edge. 5 1/2 inch open crown, unlined. Reeded roan leather sweatband. Made in Australia.

Slouch Hat

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